Restaurant Construction

If you’re looking to have your restaurant remodeled or constructed in Spartanburg, Woodruff, or Inman SC, you’ll want to contact a professional construction company that specializes in this type of work. Yes, that’s right, a construction firm that has experience in building restaurants not a general contractor.

The reason being is that there are many facets to constructing or remodeling a restaurant than just your average construction project.

A top restaurant construction company knows the local building codes, what type of materials can be used in the construction process, as well as the best way to remodel your restaurant so that it looks amazing when finished.

Restaurant Constructed in Spartanburg SC

Get Your Spartanburg SC Restaurant Built Affordably, Fast, and Up to Your High Standards

Wouldn’t you like to partner with the best restaurant construction company, that does everything right from beginning to end. Stays within your budget, uses the best construction materials, completes the project on time, and leaves your restaurant looking great? Of course, you do! Scroll down and find the top Spartanburg SC restaurant construction firm to help you with your upcoming project.

Cost of Restaurant Construction in Spartanburg SC

We often get asked how much it costs to build a restaurant. The answer is, “It depends.”

Many things can affect the cost of building your restaurant. The location, size, type of construction, and many other factors will all play a role in how much you’ll ultimately spend. However, one thing is for sure: If you choose the right restaurant construction company, you’ll surely save a lot of money. You’ll avoid the common mistakes of building a restaurant such as choosing the wrong location, not getting the right permits, and overspending on construction materials.

Spartanburg SC Restaurant Constructed New

Best Spartanburg Restaurant Construction Company

We have chosen Stenzel Development as the Best construction company for building new restaurants or remodeling them. They have constructed and remodeled 86 restaurants to date in Spartanburg, Woodruff, Inman, and surrounding areas combined. They are renowned for their highly trained and specialized restaurant construction workers. They have worked on everything from small mom-and-pop restaurants to large chain restaurants. They know what it takes to get the job done right. When you’re ready, Check them out and see some of their work. You can contact them here.


Stenzel Development is a family-owned, high reputation, high energy general contractor/construction manager that provides custom construction/building solutions to clients in Western North Carolina and Upstate South Carolina, since 2004. They uniquely specialize in the niche of restaurant construction, renovation, expansion and remodeling.

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