The coronavirus pandemic has brought in seismic changes to how restaurants operate today. In addition to modifications at the restaurants in terms of staffing and food delivery, they are now changing their marketing ways on the internet.

Although in several U.S states, restaurants are closed or operating at a limited capacity due to COVID, marketing is crucial to ensure the continual success of a restaurant in Spartanburg.

Many established restaurateurs across the nation have prioritized client communications to understand their audience and support them. From zoom sessions to broadcasting DIY dinner recipes, restaurant proprietors are getting creative in the ways they market their offerings.

Social Networking Budget: How Much Do Restaurants Invest in Social Media Marketing?

According to the 2019 report, around 42% of marketing budget goes for Google or internet search engine ads, 68% for social media advertisements, 32% goes for newspaper and magazine ads, and 54% for the local community, event, or charitable organization sponsorships,

In 2020, this breakdown has shifted a lot. Most of the marketing funds are invested in internet ads and social media marketing. There are many ways restaurants can use creativity and artistry to bolster a personal presence and boost their overall online marketing strategy. Investing in social networking is becoming critical for restaurants to handle reviews and push daily specials.

Here are a few factors to consider when spending money on social media marketing:

Audience Size and Reach

A larger audience requires a larger budget. If your spending budget allows it, investing more will get you seen by many more people, and you will receive a more massive return on investment.

Rate of Recurrence

Perhaps one advertisement is enough if you have a large, one-time event to promote, but if you have opened a restaurant in a new area, you may need to post more often.

Make use of your POS system to assess and know when your slowest times are, and distribute your ads to drive traffic during those times.

Images and Content

It might appear simple, but continuously communicating your products to your customers is an excellent way to put your restaurant at the front. Featuring your special dishes in the form of images creates interest and adds authenticity to your restaurant.

If you own a Spartanburg restaurant and plan to fund your marketing campaign, contact the Spartanburg Restaurant marketing company. We have experts who can plan your internet marketing campaign and give you a free quote. We specialize in internet marketing, social media marketing, Instagram marketing,  SEO, and others.