Spartanburg, SC (WSPA) – As the holiday travel season gears up, families have to consider covid restrictions as they make plans.

Finding what’s normal in a year that’s been anything but, could take some effort.

“We used to get together at Easter and Thanksgiving, with covid and all we haven’t been able to do as much,” Aaron Kirby said.

While gas prices are down and, for some work life has been impacted by covid, a new Triple-A survey shows that 73% say the pandemic is the main reason people are thinking twice about traveling out of state to be near family for the holidays.

As covid infections are on the rise, a Triple A survey shows one in four South Carolinians plan to travel for Thanksgiving or Christmas, and 17% surveyed have yet to decide if they will take a trip.

Kirby and his family plan to stay local and adjust plans to accommodate everyone.

“Basically, for Christmas we’re still going to go on and do what we do every year and we’re going to have everybody wear a mask and the people who don’t feel comfortable coming at that time, we’re going to have skype on the T.V. so that way we can spend time with each other,” Kirby said.

Whether traveling or staying close to home, most are following covid guidelines and sticking to familiar places.

“We see the same people every day, we go to the same places, when we come home we deal with the same family members,” Wilburn said.

The experts say traveling this holiday season can be safe but they encourage you to ask questions and take precautions before you reach your destination.

No mode of travel is risk-free. If you’re traveling by car remember to take precautions when you stop for gas, food or stay in the hotel. Remember to wear a mask, wash your hands and social distance.